XPStoPDF is a free online converter that converts XPS documents to PDF format. Both XPS (XML Paper Specification) and PDF (Portable Document Format) file formats are useful in sharing finalized documents (legal documents, contracts paper, reports, resumes etc) as the fonts are embedded into the documents itself, it'll have consistent appearance over multiple devices. XPS is a PDF like document format created by Microsoft, as an alternative to PDF (developed by Adobe), however, it failed to gain any popularity like PDF.

To view XPS files you may need Word Viewer program unless you're already using Microsoft Word. Or, you may want to use this tool to convert it to PDF and open with any PDF application like Acrobat Reader, Document Viewer, Okular etc. You don't need to download or install anything on your computer (as it's a web based tool and requires just a modern web browser). The file size limit is 32 MB. And the file extension must be *.xps or it may not work as expected.

Note : The files (xps/pdf) are sent to/from server over secure connection (https) and it's deleted automatically after 30 minutes.